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Festivity Halls

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is our biggest and most festive venue. The hall’s dimensions are 12,2 m x 6,5 m, the total area is 80 m2. The walls of the halls have been decorated with yellow silk wallpaper, there is a cornice and 2 large chandeliers in the ceiling. Here we also exhibit the vaults built with the limestone from the nearby Mõnuste quarry.

The Reception Hall

Our blue toned Reception hall is great for serving drinks to start off the party. The hall’s dimensions are 5,1 m x 6,1 m, the total area is 31,8 m2.  The 200-year-old ceiling cornice has been preserved in this hall. The drawing of the grapevines surrounding the hall has been created based on the restored drawing found on top of the door’s first plaster layer. As a relatively well-preserved third plaster layer was found as well, this orange and black toned drawing has been displayed as an effigy. The curtains of the hall come from St. John Lodge’s castle in London. The ceiling bow was restored during the renovation. Depending on the nature of the party and the guests, this hall can be used to accommodate buffet-style tables or for setting up a coffee table.

The Piano Hall

As the name of the hall suggests, here the manor’s piano is located. The halls dimensions are 7 m x 6,2 m, the total area is 44,6 m2. The piano was owned by Anton Hansen Tammsaare, who bought it for his daughter’s piano lessons. After the death of the writer, his widow sold the piano to A. Aarna, to whose grandchildren the piano belongs to until this day. We are honoured to be the temporary holders of this historical piano. In the passageways, we are, once again, exposing the high quality limestone found in the nearby Mõnuste quarry. The ceiling painting has been restored from the old paintings fragments found in the ceiling. The curtains come from St. John Lodge’s castle in London, the ceiling cup has been restored. This hall is great for musical interludes. If necessary, a longer festive table can be set for 20 guests.

The Dance Hall

This hall was originally the largest and most festive hall in the manor. The halls dimensions are 5,1 m x 10 m, the total area is 51,5 m2. The ceiling cornice and the 200-year-old parquet floor have been preserved in the hall. The entrance to the garden is accessible through this hall, which makes the use of the hall particularly enjoyable in the summer. A long festive table can be set in the hall for up to 40 people. In case of bigger parties, the hall is great for dancing.

The Café

Our café ( 53,8 m2) can only be rented with an exclusive reservation throughout the house. The Ludvig Bar Café is located in the smaller hall of the cafe (12 m2). In the bigger hall there is a copy of the Tallinn Town Hall fireplace. Unfortunately, all the manors original fireplaces have been destroyed. The café has 7 quadruple tables. The café includes the hall of the Headquarters (20 m2), where we can privately cater a group of up to 14 guests. This room can also be booked separately from the cafés halls.