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The old stable building

The old stable building of Kernu manor has been adapted for a simple type of lodging, a so called „hostel type“ accommodation. The stable building has a sauna complex with 2 bedrooms, a sauna and a separate toilet.

8 rooms are double, allowing to easily add 2 extra beds. 1 room is smaller, with a double bed. One of the rooms is suitable for 4 people, the room has a washbasin for easier morning refreshment. Guests of these rooms can jointly use four toilets and a shower. One double room has a private bathroom. The house has hot water.

It is planned to renovate the stable building, add bathrooms and the use of a kitchen; so far the rooms are suitable for a less demanding client for a good night sleep. The big apple garden of the manor is located nearby and on top of the chimney, a stork is nesting. Breakfast is served for everyone in the manors main building.